We create with most love.

Our main value is sustainability so we try to use as much natural materials such as wood, linen, cotton, wool or paper. We make flower seed bombs or other activities for kids out of left over paper scraps. At our tiny house we pack in unbleeched cardboard boxes, recycled paper packing material, we use linnen string or paper sticky tape to wrap products tight. After receiving and unpacking our products, the packaging left is mostly compostable natural materials.

We pursue our products to open the world for the young ones: to know the language, our nature, our yards, our forests and that lovely tiny water streem. We want our and your little adventurer to develop cognitive abilities by playing and curiously discovering, feeling happy inside with high self esteem.

Most of our products are made inhouse by ourselves from start to finish: we mill, sand, impregnate, cut stickers, print activity books, color rise, and so on. Thus orders take from a few days to couple of weeks to complete, but we can asure you will receive slow-made and quality product. Oh, I almost forgot by ordering from us you are suport small family bussines with big dreams ahead. Thank you!

All our educational materials, toys and creativity kits were created for our beloved three year old son Algimantas, so we can honestly say, that everything was created with most love. We invite you to grab your young one by the wrist and dive into most wonderful discoveries we offer!

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